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    CognitiveID is able to continuously identify the user behind the screen, by analysing hundreds
    of metrics processing over user-to-machine interaction using deep learning approach.




Our Deep-Multi-Dimensional approach provides the most accurate users identity verification capabilities.
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    Biometric Verification

    Keyboards, Mouse and Touch dynamics.
    Learning user’s physiological, biometric based, characteristics.
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    Device Profiling

    Learning and profiling of user’s devices and connection setup properties.
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    Cognitive Biometrics

    Analyze user’s brain stimulation and reaction to application activity

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    Behavioral Profile

    Learning the unique way the user uses the application.

Protection landscape

CognitiveID protects your applications and your users against

Account Take-over

Our revolutionary technology detects the real user behind the screen and protects user's identity against existing and future identity theft attack vectors.

There are endless ways taking over user's account;
  • Stealing user's password using a Phishing or Man in the Middle attacks (DNS poisoning, ARP spoofing), using KeyLogger Trojan, Stealing application password data store (E.g. SQL injection).
  • Stealing user's sessions by exploiting application vulnerabilities (CSRF, XSS, ClickJacking, etc.)
  • Access to unattended computer / smartphone and more.

Trojans (MitB, RAT)

As soon as the trojan will try to execute any operation on user's account, our system will easily detect it as the indicators of such operation will be failed by "Biometric Verification", "Cognitive Biometrics" and the "Behavioral Biometrics".

Man in the Browser (MitB) and Remote Access Tool (RAT) Trojans are commonly used by crime actors in recent years. These Trojans allows hackers using user's account directly from inside user's computer/smartphone which easily bypasses all existing technologies that based on device fingerprinting or hardware based authentication methods (SIM, Fingerprint, Etc.).


Bots Detection

A Bot that will try to access your user's account and execute any operation, will be immediately detected and classified to the exact Bot type for further investigation.

There are many types of Bots (Scrapers, Automated hacking tools, etc.) that tries automate steal of information from your application or detect vulnerabilities in the application or abuse your application for malicious purposes.


Users Sharing

Detection of users that try sharing their account with other people.

Users can try to share their subscription with their friends by sharing his password or leaving his session open, which can cause to direct loss to your business.


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About Us

CognitiveID, a finalist of the prestige Microsoft Innovate.AI and NVIDIA Inception Award competitions, provides a continuous behavioral and cognitive user identification solution that minimizes online identity theft and account take-over while improving user online experience.

We provide the most accurate solution in the industry to identify the real user behind the screen by leveraging advanced Deep / Machine learning technologies that analyze the user’s Cognitive, Behavioral and Physiological traits, resulting in unprecedented accuracy and near zero false positive rate.

Our team is based on Cyber security experts, top notch Deep / Machine learning engineers and business leadership that share the passion to revolutionize the Cyber security domain with ground-breaking solutions.


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